Problems you have that you ignore. You are being scammed. Huge tax bill. Not getting monies worth Job available

Thanks. Tanks please share and join us. We pay our members for full participation in our church or political groups.
is in five languages girl all my friends about the world.
English, Korean, Spanish, Chinese and Russian. I’m using my phone and finger typing please forgive errors. Pray for these situations. I’m praying for their Salvation because that is my culture. I’m posting on YouTube and Facebook and trying to get the swing of social networking. I’m handicapped by much. I’ve been diagnosed wrongly and been given drugs to stop me from this fight against morally poor human beings and systems that enable wicked forces to rob you taxpayers and waste that money on irrational unprofessional unreasonable behavior. We try to explain things in videos.
The census is now hiring anyone whosoever will to do census work. Go take test now and you can make an extra $15,000 I think, for a short term temporary job. Some can keep their job. A few decades ago a person who was on SSI for long time made $11,000 doing it. Don’t be afraid to take the test. Sign up on line it go to a job search office.
It’s very difficult finger typing to give a meaningful communication to others. Do I have any email address for you.
Can I record an answer on YouTube and you can see it.
I have three phones 1 for the church I am an underservant of,
one for the conservative progressive political organization I started called
One for me
I know also that I can be thought of as long winded and do not want to be such.
I am in a very frustrating situation.
Have you ever heard of the book written about the story of my mother and myself and others titled “The North Avenue Irregulars” ?
Have you ever seen the Walt Disney movie of same title that was made of that story.
You will see a chapter out of our lives in it but it is not exactly written how the details are but the general ideas are true.
I am represented in the movie. It’s interesting how the minster was wealthier from the book and movie and my mother got shot in the temple coming home from work out if it and we got no other benefits.
North Avenue was the name of a Presbyterian Church in New Rochelle. NY we went to including Miss Margaret Renton who was my good friend and was Dr. Harry Emerson Fosdick’s private personal secretary for 30 years.
I am in straights also personally. Ssi now only gives me $35 a month. My phone bill is $100. For four phones I always have your for a hundred and let someone else use one either free or for $25 a month that let’s someone poor have an unlimited smart phone for $25. Which helps them. But it’s hard for me to find a person who can benefit from that deal who will be responsible for paying me on time or all.
Some one robbed me and i got them back by letting them use my phone and service until they repented of their unbelief in Jesus as the anointed Savior. Amen. Praise our Great Friend Jesus. Amen.
I am between a rock and a difficult place because those I know who could help me with issues that are tormenting me are unable to help me for or legitimate reason that I understand. And the few friends who iffer to help are ones who are looking to get paid to do it. I can’t afford to. I have a benefits card and could buy foods i want but am being forbidden to go out of nursing home. So, it’s too much to say. Perhaps the purpose of my being here is to take the hospital and nursing home industry and the liberal progressive givernment to court and try to effect s change for the good of all. What do you think?
Thanks. Tanks please share and join us. We pay our members for full participation in our church or political groups.
이것은 5 개 국어로 된 소녀로서 모든 친구들은 세상에 대해 이야기합니다.
영어, 한국어, 스페인어, 중국어 및 러시아어로 제공됩니다. 나는 내 전화와 손가락을 사용하여 오류를 용서해주십시오. 이러한 상황을 위해기도하십시오. 그게 내 문화이기 때문에 나는 그들의 구원을 위해기도하고 있습니다. 나는 YouTube와 Facebook에 게시하고 소셜 네트워킹의 스윙을 얻으려고합니다. 나는 많은 장애를 가지고있다. 나는 그릇된 진단을 받았고 악의적 인 세력이 납세자를 털어 버리고 비합리적인 전문가가 아닌 불합리한 행동에 돈을 낭비하게 만드는 도덕적으로 가난한 인간과 시스템에 대한이 싸움에서 나를 막을 마약을 받았습니다. 우리는 비디오에있는 것들을 설명하려고 노력합니다.
센서스는 현재 인구 조사 작업을 수행 할 사람을 고용하고 있습니다. 지금 시험에 응시하면 단기간의 임시직으로 15,000 달러를 더 벌 수 있다고 생각합니다. 일부는 직업을 유지할 수 있습니다. 수십 년 전에 SSI를 오랫동안 사용해 본 사람이 1 만 1 천 달러를 벌었습니다. 검사를 두려워하지 마십시오. 구직 신청서에 등록하십시오.
다른 사람들에게 의미있는 의사 소통을 제공하는 것은 매우 어려운 손가락 타이핑입니다. 이메일 주소가 있습니까?
YouTube에 답변을 기록 할 수 있으며 볼 수 있습니다.
나는 교회에 3 개의 전화 1을 가지고 있는데,
내가 시작했던 보수 진보적 인 정치 조직을위한 하나

나를위한 하나
나는 또한 내가 오래 동안 바람을 피울 수 있다고 생각할 수 있고 그렇게되기를 원하지 않는다는 것을 안다.
나는 아주 초조 한 상황에 처해있다.
어머니와 나 자신과 다른 사람들의 이야기 인 “The North Avenue Irregulars”에 관해 쓰여진 책에 대해 들어 보셨습니까?
그 이야기로 만들어진 같은 제목의 월트 디즈니 영화를 본 적이 있습니까?
우리 인생에서 한 장을 볼 수는 있지만, 세부 사항이 어떻게 쓰여졌지만 일반적인 생각은 사실이라고 쓰여 있지는 않습니다.
나는 영화에서 대표한다. 그것은 교회당이 책과 영화에서 더 부유한지 흥미 롭습니다. 어머니가 성전에서 총에 맞았을 경우 어머니는 운동을하지 않으므로 다른 혜택은 없습니다.
North Avenue는 New Rochelle에있는 장로 교회의 이름이었습니다. NY 우리는 제 좋은 친구였던 Miss Margaret Renton을 포함하여 30 년 동안 Harry Emerson Fosdick 개인 비서였습니다.
나는 개인적으로 스트레이트에있다. Ssi는 이제 한 달에 35 달러 만줍니다. 내 전화 요금은 100 달러입니다. 4 대의 휴대 전화에 대해 나는 항상 100 대를 보유하고 있으며 누군가 다른 사람에게 무료 또는 25 달러로 한 달 동안 가난한 사람에게 25 달러의 무제한 스마트 폰을 허용하도록합니다. 그것은 그들을 돕습니다. 그러나 제 시간에 또는 전부를 지불 할 책임이있는 거래에서 이익을 얻을 수있는 사람을 찾는 것이 어렵습니다.
어떤 사람들은 나를 강탈했고 기름 부음받은 구세주 예수님을 믿지 않을 때까지 제 전화와 봉사를 사용하게했습니다. 아멘. 우리의 위대한 친구 예수를 찬양합니다. 아멘.
나는 나를 괴롭히는 문제로 나를 도울 수있는 사람들이 나를 이해할 수 없거나 합법적 인 이유를 도울 수 없기 때문에 나는 바위와 어려운 곳 사이에있다. 그리고 도움을 줄지 않는 소수의 친구들은 돈을 받고 그것을하는 사람들입니다. 나는 감당할 수 없다. 나는 혜택 카드를 가지고 있고 내가 원하는 음식을 살 수 있지만 양로원에서 나가는 것이 금지되어 있습니다. 그래서, 너무 말하기 힘듭니다. 아마 여기에있는 나의 목적은 병원과 양로원 산업 및 진보적 인 진보주의자를 법정으로 데려가 모든 사람의 이익을 위해 변화를 시도하는 것입니다. 어떻게 생각해?
감사. 탱크는 우리를 공유하고 우리와 함께하십시오. 우리는 교회 나 정치 그룹에 완전히 참여하기 위해 회원들에게 돈을 지불합니다.
está en cinco idiomas para todos mis amigos sobre el mundo.
Inglés, coreano, español, chino y ruso. Estoy usando mi teléfono y escribiendo mecanografía, por favor, perdona los errores. Ora por estas situaciones. Estoy rezando por su salvación porque esa es mi cultura. Estoy publicando en YouTube y Facebook y tratando de obtener el swing de las redes sociales. Estoy discapacitado por mucho. Me han diagnosticado erróneamente y me han dado drogas para detenerme en esta lucha contra seres humanos moralmente pobres y sistemas que permiten a las fuerzas malvadas robarles a los contribuyentes y malgastar ese dinero en un comportamiento irracional poco profesional e irracional. Tratamos de explicar cosas en videos.
El censo ahora está contratando a cualquiera que quiera hacer un trabajo del censo. Vaya a tomar el examen ahora y puede ganar $ 15,000 adicionales, creo, por un trabajo temporal a corto plazo. Algunos pueden mantener su trabajo. Hace algunas décadas, una persona que recibía SSI durante mucho tiempo ganaba $ 11,000 por hacerlo. No tengas miedo de tomar la prueba. Regístrese en línea vaya a una oficina de búsqueda de empleo.
Es muy difícil escribir con los dedos para dar una comunicación significativa a los demás. ¿Tengo alguna dirección de correo electrónico para ti?
¿Puedo grabar una respuesta en YouTube y puedes verla?
Tengo tres teléfonos 1 para la iglesia de la que soy un subalterno,
uno para la organización política progresista conservadora que comencé llamado
Uno para mí
También sé que se me puede pensar que tengo mucho viento y que no quiero serlo.
Estoy en una situación muy frustrante.
¿Alguna vez has oído hablar del libro escrito sobre la historia de mi madre y de mí y otros titulados “The North Avenue Irregulars”?
¿Alguna vez has visto la película de Walt Disney del mismo título que estaba hecha de esa historia?
Verá un capítulo de nuestras vidas en él, pero no está escrito exactamente cómo son los detalles, pero las ideas generales son ciertas.
Estoy representado en la película. Es interesante cómo la iglesia fue más rica del libro y la película y mi madre recibió un disparo en el templo al llegar a casa después del trabajo si no recibimos otros beneficios.
North Avenue era el nombre de una iglesia presbiteriana en New Rochelle. NY fuimos a incluir a la señorita Margaret Renton, que era mi buena amiga y fue la secretaria personal privada del Dr. Harry Emerson Fosdick durante 30 años.
Estoy en rectas también personalmente. Ssi ahora solo me da $ 35 por mes. Mi factura de teléfono es de $ 100. Para cuatro teléfonos, siempre tengo el suyo por cien y dejo que otra persona lo use de forma gratuita o por $ 25 al mes para que una persona pobre tenga un teléfono inteligente ilimitado por $ 25. Que los ayuda. Pero es difícil para mí encontrar a una persona que se pueda beneficiar de ese trato, que será responsable de pagarme a tiempo o todo.
Alguien me robó y los recuperé dejándolos usar mi teléfono y servicio hasta que se arrepintieron de su incredulidad en Jesús como el Salvador ungido. Amén. Alabe a nuestro gran amigo Jesús. Amén.
Estoy entre una piedra y un lugar difícil porque aquellos que conozco y que pueden ayudarme con problemas que me atormentan no pueden ayudarme o tienen una razón legítima que yo entiendo. Y los pocos amigos que prefieren ayudar son aquellos que buscan que les paguen por hacerlo. No me puedo permitir. Tengo una tarjeta de beneficios y podría comprar los alimentos que quiero, pero se me prohíbe salir de la residencia de ancianos. Entonces, es demasiado para decir. Tal vez el propósito de mi estar aquí es llevar a la corte a la industria de hospitales y residencias de ancianos y al establecimiento liberal progresivo e intentar cambiar para el bien de todos. ¿Qué piensas?
Gracias. Tanques por favor comparte y únete a nosotros. Pagamos a nuestros miembros por la participación plena en nuestra iglesia o grupos políticos.

我也亲自在直路上。 Ssi现在每个月只给我35美元。我的电话账单是100美元。对于四部手机,我总是有一百个,让其他人免费或每月25美元,让一个穷人有一个25美元的无限制智能手机。这有助于他们。但是,我很难找到一个能够从这笔交易中受益的人,他将按时或全部支付我的款项。

на пяти языках для всех моих друзей о мире.
Английском, корейском, испанском, китайском и русском языках. Я использую мой телефон и набираю пальцы, пожалуйста, прощайте ошибки. Молитесь за эти ситуации. Я молюсь за их спасение, потому что это моя культура. Я публикую на YouTube и Facebook и пытаюсь разгадать социальные сети. Я сильно инвалид. Мне поставили диагноз неправильно, и мне дали наркотики, чтобы остановить меня от этой борьбы с морально бедными людьми и системами, которые позволяют злым силам лишить вас налогоплательщиков и тратить эти деньги на нерациональное непрофессиональное необоснованное поведение. Мы пытаемся объяснить вещи в видео.
Перепись теперь нанимает кого-либо, кто будет заниматься переписью. Думаю, примите испытание, и вы можете сделать дополнительные $ 15 000, я думаю, на короткую временную работу. Некоторые могут сохранить свою работу. Несколько десятилетий назад человек, который долгое время находился в SSI, делал это 11 000 долларов. Не бойтесь пройти тест. Зарегистрируйтесь в сети, чтобы перейти в поисковую службу.
Очень сложно печатать пальцем, чтобы дать значимое общение другим. У меня есть адрес электронной почты для вас.
Могу ли я записать ответ на YouTube, и вы можете его увидеть.
У меня есть три телефона 1 для церкви, в которой я не занят,
один для консервативной прогрессивной политической организации, которую я назвал
А также
Один для меня
Я также знаю, что меня можно считать длинным, и я не хочу быть таким.
Я очень расстраиваюсь.
Вы когда-нибудь слышали о книге, написанной о рассказе о моей матери и о себе и о других, которые назывались «Северные проспекты»?
Вы когда-нибудь видели фильм Уолта Диснея с тем же названием, который был сделан из этой истории.
Вы увидите главу из нашей жизни в ней, но точно не написано, как детали, но общие идеи верны.
Я представлен в фильме. Интересно, как мистер был богаче из книги и фильма, и моя мать была застрелена в храме, пришедшем домой с работы, если бы у нас не было других преимуществ.
Северный авеню был назван Пресвитерианской церковью в Новой Рошеле. Штат Нью-Йорк, мы отправились в мисс Маргарет Рентон, которая была моим хорошим другом, и был частным личным секретарем доктора Гарри Эмерсона Фосдика в течение 30 лет.
Я тоже нахожусь в прямых. Ssi теперь дает мне 35 долларов в месяц. Мой телефонный счет составляет 100 долларов. Для четырех телефонов у меня всегда есть сотня, и пусть кто-то другой может использовать один или бесплатно или за 25 долларов в месяц, и пусть кто-то бедный имеет неограниченный смартфон за 25 долларов. Что помогает им. Но мне трудно найти человека, который может извлечь выгоду из этой сделки, которая будет нести ответственность за то, чтобы заплатить мне вовремя или все.
Кто-то ограбил меня, и я вернул их, позволив им использовать мой телефон и службу, пока они не покаялись в своем неверии в Иисусе, как помазанный Спаситель. Аминь. Хвалите нашего Великого друга Иисуса. Аминь.
Я между камнем и сложным местом, потому что те, кого я знаю, кто может помочь мне в вопросах, которые мучают меня, не могут помочь мне или законной причине, которую я понимаю. И немногие друзья, которые могут помочь, – это те, кто хочет получить деньги, чтобы сделать это. Я не могу себе этого позволить. У меня есть карточка льгот и я могу купить продукты, которые я хочу, но мне запрещено выходить из дома престарелых. Значит, это слишком много, чтобы сказать. Возможно, цель моего пребывания здесь – взять в больницу и дом престарелых и либеральную прогрессивную власть в суд и попытаться произвести смену во благо всех. Как вы думаете?
Благодарю. Танки, пожалуйста, поделитесь и присоединитесь к нам. Мы платим нашим членам за полное участие в нашей церкви или политических группах.
Thanks. Tanks please share and join us. We pay our members for full participation in our church or political groups.

Look for me on YouTube under and and

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We are slowly building things so we can use social media to help you with your needs in Christ our Savior in the Love of Jesus as Jesus provided for us when he settled our accounts 2000 years ago as Jesus and the Creator God had agreed was meet and just and right to do – Jesus humbling himself and Saving all who would follow Him and call him Savior and Friend. Let it be so.

We welcome you. You can join us free to help others. We are all committed to true charity where we each help others without personal gain. We do it to help others. We will use the internet and technology so we can each interact with no great costs. Let’s see what we can accomplish and then find ways to help the poorest in our world to get out of utter poverty. There are many do poor they can’t get simple things we take for granted. There are many ways to solve their problems by helping the poor to use resources they have but are not aware of.

Our First blog post please read it all.

This is the post excerpt.

This is our very first post.

Welcome and please be our friend whoever you are. I am

Please view me on YouTube. Put in to find our channels. And and and also send an email to and then you will get an auto reply. Use a translator from your phone to change our words into your language. You are welcomed to apply to join us. First you must volunteer and help us. Then when you have proven you are a real friend by helping us grow you may be invited to be a participating member. We pay our fully tenured members for watching and viewing and being a fully participating Member.

You can become a part of our inner circle of 12 by recruiting 12 disciples who work together with you to accomplish God’s Goal in your life which is to have you knowing the True God of Creation the Creator-God through Jesus as Your Savior and Your Friend who you appreciate.

Dear God I sincerely and humbly ask you to please teach me your Truth. Help me to understand Jesus as my Friend and Savior and help me to have True Peace, True Hope, and a meaningful Faith that I understand and can help others to learn about and to find.

Dear Jesus please be my Savior and help me to know what that means. I realize that I have never seen you. I agree that I have lied in my life. I find that sometimes I do wrong and make mistakes. Others have told me that you never lied or ever did anything wrong and that you were crucified when you were innocent and you did that so I could be forgiven of what I did wrong by believing that you are the way the Creator-God has decided to solve the problem that exists where I as a human being a decendent of the first Human called Adam and Eve who became ruined when Adam and Eve started to try to fellowship with you through The Tree of The Knowledge of Good and Evil (which is Satan {Satan means Our Enemy}) in the garden of Eden, because they were fooled into thinking they would be better off that way than they already were. They were already fellowshipping with you The Creator-God through your Voice and Word by eating from the Tree of Life (which is Jesus our friend and Savior) whose blood represents Your Love and Salvation. Amen. I open the door of my heart and invite Jesus, who I agree is a prophet of God who is the Lord of All, and My Savior, and My Friend into my heart so I may be restored to being allowed to eat from you Jesus who is the Tree of Life. Please write my name into the book that records the names of all those who believe in you as their Savior and have a promise of The Creator-God of eternal life with God in Heaven. I find that I can not by my own ability stop doing wrong. I need your help to do right in God’s Eyes. I praise and thank you oh, great Jesus for solving this problem for me. I really appreciate you for doing this. You died for me so the Creator-God could enjoy having eternal fellowship with me though you. Help me to understand your Truth. Amen.

Friend, please say this above prayer out loud and pay attention to the Creator-God as the Singularity of God answers your prayers. We care about you and welcome you. Ours is an egalitarian group of persons who are letting the Creator-God work in our lives through the ‘risen from the dead’ Jesus who we believe is A Prophet of God and God’s Messiah or Anointed Savior who saves anyone who is willing to humbly believe Jesus died for them. We, each of us believe Jesus is the innocent Lamb of God who died so fellowship between human beings and God could be restored through Jesus and those who believe that Jesus solved that problem for anyone willing to admit they have that problem and agree that Jesus is the Best and only solution to that problem where Humankind had become separated from God so Jesus could be born and die as an innocent Lamb whose blood as it dripped from his body showed the sincerity and deep meaningful complete love of God for and towards anyone or anything willing to humbly accept this Truth. Amen.

Dear Jesus please save me and fill me with your Holy Spirit and Your Truth. Amen.

If you have prayed this prayer then ask God to help you understand it better and find another person and try to help them understand this idea also. Find others who accepted Jesus as their Friend and Savior and help one another and encourage one another to remember these ideas and to focus in them. All believers are equal in Jesus and just as important as each other believer in Jesus is. We focus on Jesus in us and not ourselves acting by our own motivations which often are motivated by selfishness instead of selflessness. This is the opposite of what our broken Human nature tends to believe. Simply, put the needs and wants of Jesus First, Others Second, and Yourself last and you will begin to experience the power of God working through Jesus in your life. This will cause you to enjoy so much happiness that it will cause you to laugh out loud from feeling that all is O.k. between you and the Creator-God. We have each tried this and found it is the best way to understand God through Jesus through the comforting and encouraging Holy Spirit that helps us each the same way. We invite you to try it and be a part of a small group of us who are each putting the others first. This is a better way than the world’s way where each person puts themself first. It is better to be a part of a group of about 12 where 11 in that group are trying to help you succeed than to be a part of a group where only one person (you) are trying to succeed. Do you agree?

Our closeness is not based on broken self centered human love but is based on Agàpe. That means The Creator-God centered love for all of us in each of us helping others. Instead of acting through our own self centered motivation we act through A personal appreciation for what Jesus did to rescue any and all believers in Jesus from having Satan (the father of liars) who is my enemy and God’s Enemy and your enemy. Jesus overcame Satan by submitting Jesus own self to the Creator-God and dying. While Jesus was dying He asked His Heavenly Father who is The Creator-God to forgive the ones who were crucifying (killing) Him and the ones whose human nature that caused them to lie and do wrong things and think wrong thoughts even when they sincerely no longer wanted to do wrong things any longer and have wrong thoughts any longer. We realize we made it necessary for Jesus to die so we could be forgiven and accepted into Heaven by The Creator-God.

As humble humans we have come to realize and admit that we are not capable of doing right and being right. We stop struggling to be correct and right through our own ability and instead we put all our focus on appreciating Jesus for doing the very wonderful thing of humbling himself before God and all Creation and instead of insisting on His own importance because of His own greatness and equality with God, Jesus humbled himself and submitted to death and defeat to Satan ( satan means God’s Enemy and Our Enemy ) by losing and still being kind enough to pray to His Heavenly Father to forgive all humans who were separated from God because they were trying to worship The Creator-God with broken human love instead of worshipping the Creator-God with The Love of Jesus. The Creator-God desires us to love The Creator-God with the kind of love that only Jesus ever had. It is called Agàpe because it is an amazing greater love than ever was known by any other concept than the one Jesus taught. And Jesus wants to teach it to you and to us each individually in our own hearts. Jesus can only do that when we give Jesus permission to do this. We have to come to understand an idea that is against our very nature so it is very hard to accomplish. But it can be easy. By praising Jesus, appreciating Jesus and what He represents and realizing that we are not the most important one but Others are the most important one then we start to be able to see all believers helped and succeeding in their life with a fullness of meaning. They find a purpose which they can achieve as we each have the others we associate with as the ones we are dedicated to help succeed.

As we accomplish that we are encouraged and draw closer to Jesus in our understanding of what Salvation is and why and how it benefits us. We are each resisting the Goodness of The Creator-God which is being given out by The Creator-God at all times so we can receive it and benefit from it. But our broken Human Nature tends to reject that Grace ( means undeserved forgiveness. ) Then we do not benefit from what God has done for us. Then we start being separated again from God. The only answer is the first Grace. We must always return to that Grace.

Dear Creator-God help me to stop resisting your Grace and help me to recieve your Grace and have it accomplish the purpose you are giving it to me to accomplish, which is to have peace even when all things around me are trying to separate me from Your Peace. Then I will be comfortable in a very uncomfortable situation. That would help me to understand you in a practical way. It is a wonderful thing that you have offered and given us this first chance to be reunited to you through Jesus. Help me to appreciate Grace in the way Jesus wants me to appreciate it so I can have peace by appreciating your Kindness Goodness mercy and the full greatness of it and you. Thank you that you made it possible dear Jesus and God the Creator-God because it is the only good thing that there is. I agree with that. So, I am saying I agree by praising you for it. So, we find that by giving our thanks and appreciation to you and focusing on you that our enemy and the ideas of our enemy find no place in our minds or in us. At those moments we are not struggling against wrong ideas because they find no place in our minds or our hearts. Our job is to believe you saved us from Going to the Hell (Hell means a total and permenant separation from the Creator-God and any goodness or comfort that comes from that and have no way to end that sad state of being forever.)

Lucifer wanted to be God. The idea that Lucifer could be God is a lie. But a third of the angels who were created to help The Creator-God relate to human beings and help human beings enjoy life followed that lie of Lucifer’s ( we understand this happened long ago in the human understanding of time.) Those angels who followed Lucifer fell along with Lucifer)! They are demons. Angels are Messengers sort of like letter Cartier’s who bring letters. Letters contain messages. Messages contain ideas. So in a way the name angel means ideas. Their are Godly ideas, or Angels who did not leave their first estate they bring godly uplifting Jesus praising ideas to human minds that encourage us to draw closer to God. They make us feel successful but not Proud. These are Godly Angels and Godly uplifting encouraging ideas that humble us yet comfort us and help us improve. The fallen Angels which rebelled and followed Lucifer in his lie fell along with Lucifer re named Satan. These fallen angels called demons are the dark ideas that torment human minds by trying to cause us to feel rejected by the Creator-God who rejects no one. They either cause us to deny God and the goodness of God or they cause us to be Proud as Satan is and believing we do not need God or God’s help. We each of us need God’s Help. In fact God created Human Beings so God would have someone who totally 100% rely on God for help. That is what it means to be a believer. To believe your purpose is so God could enjoy having humans to serve and help and get from human beings appreciation for that help from a loving caring Fatherly Creator-God. That is right and just and should be so.

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