Watch “THE ARK AND THE BLOOD – The discovery of the Ark of the Covenant” on YouTube

Author: richardpaulhobbs

We all need to improve in our understanding of others and their ideas. Who has met the Creator-God and Humans. I read in the Bible when i was 11 that a Jewish man named Jesus did. He said that if you sincerely want to know and understand God that you can ask God to teach you God's version of the Truth about The Creator-God and the Creator-God would teach you Truth if you are Humble and open. I am a person who lies and does wrong things. I need a savior to save me from Hell. I realize Jesus is the best option to have happiness, peace, and Truth. one must be humble. honest with themself about themself and realize they can not qualify to go to heaven. We must realize Jesus solved that problem as a prophet of The Creator-God by dying and rising from the Dead. That is what I learned at age 11 by reading the Bible. Thank you for reading this. Dear Jesus help this person and myself to know your Truth. Amen.

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